Frequently asked questions

How and when will the empanadas be delivered?

When you place your order with us you will need to choose how you want your empanadas delivered. There are three options: 'UK-Wide delivery' - Your empanadas will be send via DHL Next Day service. We send them using protective chilled packaging with ice packs. We dispatch orders on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Which means you never have to wait more than 1-3 working days to receive your empanadas from the moment you place your order. Orders placed on Thursdays after 1pm will have to be sent on the following Monday and arrive on Tuesday. The empanadas will arrive cold and ready to heat up in the oven in 10-12 mins (specific instructions will be attached to the box). You can freeze empanadas if you want to save them for later, but we ask that you freeze them as soon as you receive the parcel. 'South Oxfordshire Delivery' - This option is only available for households in or surronding Oxford, Abingdon, Wantage, Didcot, Wallingford. After you place your order, we will text you within 1 hour of receiving the order to arrange a suitable delivery day/time. We will offer timeslots and you can choose which one works best for you. We can normally deliver next day. If you are placing the order in advanced, you will be able to let us know exactly for what date and time you want your empanadas for. The empanadas will arrive in pizza boxes, they can be eaten right away or you may heat them up in the oven. You can also save them for later (up to 3 days in the fridge) or freeze. 'Ready to Fry' - This option is available for UK-wide delivery and for South Oxfordshire delivery. Delivery will be just as described above (depending on which option you choose) but the difference is that the empanadas will arrive raw (uncooked pastry) and they are ready to deep fry at home. The box will come wiht specific instructions on how to fry. You can also freeze these empanadas, but we ask you to freeze them as soon as you receive the order.

Do the empanadas come cooked?

If you choose UK-Wide delivery they will arrive cold and ready to heat up in the oven. If you choose South Oxfordshire delivery they come cooked and ready to either eat straight away or ready to be heated up in the oven. If you choose Ready to Fry, they will come un-cooked (raw pastry but cooked filling), and you will have to fry them yourself. We will send you specific instrucitons on how to do this easily.

How many empanadas should I order?

We normally recommend 3 to 4 empanadas per person if ordering as a main meal, or 1 to 2 as a starter. We hae a minimum order quantity of £20 in order to be able to deliver our empanadas.

What are empanadas?

Empanadas have a very similar shape to Cornish pasties, but they are a bit smaller and deep fried. They also don't have potato in the filling - so they are overall quite different in flavour. Empanadas are very traditional in all of South America, but particularly in Argentina, they have a become a true staple food and empanadas are a big part of every celebration or family meeting in Argentina.

Where do you make the empanadas? What's your hygiene rating?

We make the empanadas by hand in our home kitchen. It's a very homemade affair, but our kitchen is licensed by the Vale of White Horse Council with a hygiene rating of 5/5. Because it's our home kitchen, we take extra care to ensure everything is clean and tidy and that the food is not only delicious but also safe

Can I freeze the empanadas?

All of our empanadas can be frozen. If you want to freeze them, place them in the freezer as soon as you receive them. They can keep in the freezer up to 4 weeks.

I have a food allergy - can I have your empanadas?

You can see the detailed allergen information for every empanada we make on the description in our menu. However, we make all empanadas in our home kitchen where we handle ALL ALLERGENS, so we cannot ensure there won't be traces of any particular allergen. If you do have food allergies, please ensure you inform us when you place the order.