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Empanadas are like fun-sized pasties! In Buenos Aires, you will always find empanadas in large family gatherings or when friends meet to watch the football. They are a really fun way to share a meal with family and friends.


Order our empanadas today and get a  taste of Buenos Aires from the comfort of your home! 🥟🇦🇷🍷


'they're for sure the best empanadas i've had in the uk - couldn't recommend more!' 



How it works...

1. choose your empanadas ✅

  • You can pick and choose as many of any flavours from our menu below as you like.

  • If you can't decide you can also go for one of our sets!

  • We recommend 3-4 empanadas per person as a main plus salsas (dips) and 1 or 2 empanadas extra for dessert 😜

2. checkout and order ✅

  • We deliver in all UK using protective chilled packaging using DHL Next Day service.

  • Your empanadas will arrive within 1-3 working days.

  • For advanced orders you will be able to let us know in your notes when you checkout and we will deliver on the day you specify (must be a working day).

3. heat up and enjoy ✅

  • Heat up your empanadas in the oven in 10 minutes and enjoy! Specific heating up instructions will be on the box.

  • You can also store in the freezer and save for a rainy (and hungry) day! 


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